How to Upgrade Copa Airlines Business Class

When will you know if you have been upgraded?

You will be notified if your upgrade request was approved or rejected between 48-12 hours before your flight’s departure. In case your upgrade is not approved, there will be no charge. Each segment of your trip is individually evaluated and upgrades are awarded according to the availability and evaluation of the offers received for each trip.

Does Fly Up affect the complimentary upgrades given to Connect Miles Prefer Members?

This program doesn’t affect the complimentary upgrades given to Connect-Miles Prefer Members. The remaining seats will be sold after conceding the complimentary upgrades according to the program rules.

What is an Instant Upgrade?

If you can see an “Instant Upgrade” button it means your flight is eligible and you may opt for this option paying a fixed amount and thus confirm your class upgrade, instead of making a bid. The class upgrade is confirmed and charged to the credit card in a 24 hour span after applying. This purchase is subject to availability and it will be confirmed once the charge is effective. For more info contact Copa airlines customer service.

Copa Airlines Business Class benefits

Passengers who purchase an upgrade to Copa Airlines Business Class can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Special check-in lines at airport counters, boarding gates and priority baggage handling.
  • Privacy and maximum comfort with 10 (embraer 190), 12 (Boeing 737-700) and 16 (Boeing 737-800) leather seats.
  • Meal service includes great wines and liquors as well as gastronomical selections.
  • Access to all Copa Clubs, United Clubs and VIP lounges worldwide.
  • Business Class baggage allowance.